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Medico-Legal Services in Dore

One of the things we are most proud of here at Ear Wax Clear is that all of our services meet and promote medico-legal knowledge in all aspects; any medical treatment we carry out has gone through rigorous steps to ensure it follows every patient well-being step in the industry.

Medico-legal was designed to help reinforce the medical and legal understanding and was founded back in 1901; home to a wide range of professions such as lawyers, medical professionals and more, it provides an incredible network of members with a vast level of knowledge.

The Medico-Legal Society holds a range of monthly meetings in central London, and they are hosted between October and June each year. Each meeting will include a well-qualified speaker who will present a paper that a discussion will then follow. Held on a site big enough to host a. range of professions, it is open to highly recommended professionals who want to learn more about Medico-legal practices.

The Medico-Legal Journal is also sent to all of its members. Within this, there is a majority of papers that have been presented to the society, articles from across the globe and cases that have been discussed through the Medico-legal society.

Medico-Legal Audiograms and Reports

Here at Ear Wax Clear, we provide a complete Medico-legal audiogram and reporting service; we offer reports that offer high-quality and impartial advice and information on cases we have been presented with. Our team prides itself on only submitting reports to the highest standard, and any audiogram or report is checked over by our resident expert, Peter Byrom.

As an expert consultant with several years of experience, Peter understands the importance of having complete and detailed reports that ensure the right outcome has been achieved. He is a specialist Medico-legal consultant here at Ear Wax Clear.

As a professional audiologist , Peter can offer insight like no other when providing these Medico-legal reports; whether they focus on hearing aids, Lyric hearing aids, Lenire Tinnitus or general audiology, he can write a report with great detail.

Our team at Ear Wax Clear will ensure you receive whatever level of testing you require and ensure it meets the proper Medico-legal standards at all times; you will be cared for and looked after when you visit our clinic.

All audiometry tests will be taken according to the proper guidelines, including the time specifically for the actual testing. For more information, contact Peter Byrom today.

The Medico-Legal Journal

Founded back in 1931, the Medico-Legal Journal is published by Sage on behalf of the Medico-legal society, with paper versions being published quarterly and sent to all members of society and any subscribers.

Providing an official record, the paper is presented by eminent speakers at the Medico-Legal society conferences, as well as helping to compile a collection of original articles, reports from case studies, book reviews and workings from around the world, making it a well-rounded journal.

The Medico-Legal Journal has its entire archive, dating back to 1933, online and available for Society members. All issues are available at the Royal Society of Medicine Library, and most issues are at the Inns of Court Library and Law Society Library.

The Medico-Legal Society

For a long time, the Medico-legal society has provided education and information to its members and subscribers for more than a century. With a consistently high standard of speaking at the events, they are chosen based on giving the best information possible, ranging from civil and criminal law topics to all aspects of forensic medicine.

A convivial atmosphere at meetings provides an excellent forum for discussion between the professions. The Society’s journal, the Medico-Legal Journal, includes articles based on these and additional articles of interest.

Members can attend all meetings which qualify for continuing education credits under key professional bodies’ schemes. Membership includes the Medico-Legal Journal in paper and electronic form. Members can also attend a unique series of lectures, collecting continuing education credits.

More About Peter Byrom

Peter Byrom took the traditional route into Audiology through the BTEC Science and professional exams organised by the British Association of Audiology Technicians (BAAT) while training in NHS clinics at Barnsley, Sheffield Children’s and The Royal Hallamshire Hospitals in Sheffield.

Having gained a certificate in Audiology at Nottingham University, he then completed a Diploma in Healthcare and Bachelor of Healthcare Science degree (Audiology) at the University of Leeds before moving to Rotherham Foundation NHS Trust, where he became the clinical lead for adult audiology services and completed a Master of Science in Advanced Practice, also at the University of Leeds. In November 2017, he left the NHS to run his private practice from Thornbury and Claremont Hospitals.

When it comes to Peter Byrom, an Audiologist and specialist who can help with various issues and problems that you may be experiencing.

His CV Includes:

  • MSc in Advanced Practice from Leeds University where his research project involved a study of Tinnitus patients, with his results presented in a paper to the International Tinnitus Seminar in Berlin in 2014.
  • Previous membership of the British Tinnitus Association Professional Advisory Committee for five years.
  • Previous clinical lead position in the Ear Care and Audiology Department at Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust for seven years with tinnitus as a specialist field.
  • Membership of the British Society of Audiology Specialist Interest Group for Tinnitus and Hyperacusis.
  • Vast experience with easily over a thousand tinnitus cases assessed and treated.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What services do you provide?

    Peter Byrom is an Audiologist and Audiology specialist based in Dore; he has a wealth of experience and is highly trained in several Audiology areas. For more information on the services, he can offer you here at Ear Wax Clear, get in touch!

  • What do your services include?

    As a professional Audiologist, Peter provides a range of Audiology services, including a Hearing Aid Dispenser; he is also a Lyric Hearing Aid Supplier and offers ear wax removal and a tinnitus clinic. All of the provided services are in line with the Medico-Legal Society.

  • How can you help me?

    Peter Byrom, audiologist, can help by providing you with a range of services and advice regarding any problems you have with your ears. This can include tinnitus, hearing loss, communication issues, balance issues, wax build-up, hearing aids and hearing protection.

  • How do I book an appointment?

    Should you require the services of Peter Byrom Audiologist, all you need to do is give him a call today. Whether you have any questions or queries or would like to book a consultation or appointment, you can contact Peter via email or telephone.

  • What area do you cover?

    Based in Sheffield, Peter Byrom covers and around the local and surrounding areas, including our clinic here in Dore. For more information on where we can provide our range of services, please call us today.

Ear Wax Clear is a leading ear and hearing clinic in Sheffield. Our highly respected audiologist and hearing aid dispenser Peter Byrom has successfully and safely cleared the ears of over 1,000 clients and has many years of experience.

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