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Have you searched for a clinic that can provide you with an FM Radio system in Dore? Our resident audiologist can specialise in a wide range of hearing services, but he can also include FM Radio systems. If you are based in Dore, South Yorkshire, you can benefit from our audiology service; working similarly to the digital radio, we can provide you with FM Radio hearing systems.

FM is digital listening; paired with your hearing aid, you will get a clear and coherent sound through your hearing aid; if this is what you have been looking for, reach out to Ear Wax Clear today and make an appointment. Current trends in audiology show that using an FM system can drastically improve your quality of life; choose Ear Wax Clear as your clinic to help get you started with FM radios.

You can also choose Ear Wax Clear for the following services such as; Ear Wax removal, Lyric Hearing Aids, Medico legal services, FM Radio services, Hearing Tests, Hearing Aids and Lenire Tinnitus, get in touch today to make your appointment!

FM Systems Hearing Devices In Dore

Do you know what an FM system is? It is a wireless assistive hearing device; its purpose is to help enhance your hearing aids or cochlear implant and can also work to assist any clients who have difficulty hearing, even if you do not wear a hearing, specifically over loud noises and over distances.

Not only that but they can be connected directly to a source of sound and transmitted directly to your hearing aid; the FM system can also pick up speech and sound that is closer to the individual who is trying to listen; they are incredibly versatile.

Do You Know How FM Systems Work?

Looking at a traditional FM system, you will find it includes two main components, the radio transmitter and the receiver; this is basic for all digital radio systems; the transmitter’s job is to capture sound through either a microphone or through the direct connection that has been set up. By doing so, it will transmit the sound directly to the receiver.

When it comes to FM Systems, the difference between the transmitter and receiver will vary depending on the manufacturer you use and the specific brand. You can choose FM systems that come with hand manual controls or a small screen that you can use to go through the menu selection; each FM system will work differently; all we can recommend is that you speak to your audiologist to find out which one will work best for you.

One benefit of choosing an FM system with a screen is that it will show you the battery levels of all the components, meaning you should never be left short.

What Are The Benefits of Using an FM System?

Do you struggle with your regular hearing aid? Do you want to hear clearly and feel confident about understanding conversations? If so, the FM system will give you this; it can empower any hearing aid wearer because it is portable, flexible, lightweight, and incredibly discrete.

The FM system is perfect for a range of situations you will find yourself in daily, most important ones where hearing aids and assistance might not be available or sufficient ways of understanding, whether they are affected by noise in the background or due to distance, with the FM system you are almost guaranteed to hear what is being said.

Further Information about FM Systems

If you struggle with hearing loss and find it difficult to understand speech when you are in loud environments, then maybe the FM system will be the best option. Hearing aids will work to try and cherry-pick pieces of speech when it is struggling with background noise, but with the FM system, it will work much more accessible, filtering out the irrelevant noise and focusing on the sound of someone’s voice.

FM Systems are helpful for use when going out to restaurants, parties or other large gatherings. Below we have listed some key points about the FM systems.

  • FM system refers to “radio assisted hearing aids.’
  • FM stands for Frequency Modulation.
  • FM is a wireless transmission method that’s used to transmit sounds
  • The main advantage of a hearing aid wearer using
  • FM transmission is that they are resilient to noise and interference as well as helps to preserve the quality and clarity of the sound transmitted.

Why use an FM system for hearing loss?

Reducing background noise – If you are suffering from hearing loss and can struggle with background noise and loud noise, FM systems will help reduce this background noise and help amplify the speaker you are trying to listen to.

Improvement in sound clarity – When your FM system receives the signal from the receiver, you will find the sound is much clearer, meaning you will be able to have meaningful conversations with other people as the sound will travel directly to your ear.

Hearing from distances – One of the best reasons to use an FM system is that you can hear from a distance; the perfect piece of equipment for lectures, speeches and other presentations. It helps clear up the sounds you hear, even in a large theatre or auditorium.

You are reducing fatigue – Like any part of the body, if you use it a lot, like your hearing when trying hard to hear. One of the symptoms of hearing loss tends to be a feeling of exhaustion; however, FM systems amplify speech signals in even the most challenging environments.

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When it comes to audiology in Sheffield or any of the surrounding areas in South Yorkshire, be sure to make Peter Byrom your first port of call. We have years of experience in the industry and offer a full range of dedicated audiology and hearing services for patients. No matter what your hearing requirements might be, from wax removal, hearing tests to hearing problems and tinnitus, be sure to make us your first choice. Contact us today to book an appointment in local Sheffield.

  • What is an FM system?

    FM systems are a small device that helps assist with hearing, and they can enhance the sounds provided by hearing aids and cochlear implants.

  • How do I find out more about the FM hearing systems?

    If you want more information on FM Hearing systems, you need to contact one of our audiologists here at Ear Wax Clear. We will be able to provide you with an FM hearing system that works for you.

  • How are FM systems powered?

    The majority of FM systems and devices will have a rechargeable battery, they are also supplied as standard and come with battery chargers. The average operating time tends to be approximately 12 hours to 20 hours.

  • Are FM Systems heavy?

    No they aren’t, on average the transmitter and receiver will weigh around 62g to 64g, Peter will be more than happy to go through the options of your FM system device with you, as well as consider the weights of the systems.

  • How do I make an appointment?

    Should you require the services of Ear Wax Clear and our Audiologist, all you need to do is give us a call today. You can contact our team via email or telephone if you have any questions or queries or would like to book a consultation or appointment regarding the FM system devices we provide.

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