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Hearing Aid Services in Dore, South Yorkshire

Have you had your hearing tested? Do you need a hearing aid? Is your current hearing aid ready to be changed? If any of these apply to you, you are in the right place. Our team at Ear Wax Clear can provide you with hearing aids in Dore, South Yorkshire. Our hearing therapist is a specialised and registered hearing aid dispenser; we are the clinic for you whether you are looking for an invisible hearing aid or a traditional hearing aid. With our hearing therapist based in Dore being part of the British Association of Audiology Technicians (BAAT), we have the knowledge and understanding to provide you with precisely what you need.

Before we can fit you with a hearing aid, we would request that you have a hearing test so we can determine which type of hearing aid will work the best for you; our registered clinical audiologist will carry out the hearing test personally, double-checking you don’t need any of our other services such as ear wax removal or hearing therapy. For hearing aid services in Dore, get in touch with Ear Wax Clear today!

Hearing Aid Assessments start at £75.

Hearing Aid Fine-Tuning Dore

Does your hearing aid not quite work for you? Do you hear muffled or dulled sounds? Are you concerned your hearing aid is not working correctly? Some of our clients who still had trouble hearing visited peter and found that the hearing aid they were using was either damaged or needed tuning.

Yes, that is right, hearing aids do need tuning, especially if you have taken them out and not used them for a little while. Verification is the process of measuring the hearing aid’s output is the same as what has been recommended on your prescription. We take accurate ear measurements whilst undertaking the verification; by doing so, we can ensure that you are receiving the right hearing aid based on the hearing tests you have done previously.

Here at Ear Wax Clear, our team want to make sure you always have a hearing aid that reflects the hearing tests you have done in the past; our job is to make sure you have the best hearing aid available to you.

Real Ear Measurements Dore

To make sure we get the perfect hearing aid for you and your need, our hearing aid dispenser will work with you to provide what is known in the industry as Real Ear Measurements; this is the process of putting a skinny Silicone microphone into your way, this will measure the hearing aid output.

This process can take a little bit of time and might seem incredibly fiddly, but we must get this step right as we use this to measure the hearing aid output and adjust it to your specific needs, reducing any further hearing loss. If you would like to be assured that the hearing aid we supply with you has been fitted correctly, you can see from the time, care and effort our team puts into this process that we are trying to make sure it is perfect for every individual we see.

Arrange an appointment today for your initial hearing test and to have a hearing aid fitted with Real Ear Measurements done!

Accredited Hearing Aid dispenser

If you have been looking for an accredited hearing aid dispenser in Dore or across South Yorkshire, you have come to the right place. Our team is accredited suppliers of hearing aids, but we have also registered audiologists who have specialised in the profession for several years.

This means we are more than capable of helping you find the right hearing aid for your specific needs. Our patient-focused care specialising in complex hearing losses and our principal clinical audiologist, Peter Byrom, can offer you an extremely professional hearing aid service.

Our team at Eat Wax Clear is highly trained, professional and kind; further to that, you will receive fast, high quality and responsive services, whether it is through a hearing test, ear wax removal or any of our other services. All you need to do is contact Ear Wax Clear Today!

Our audiologists can also offer you the following services; Lyric Hearing Aids, Medico-legal services, FM Radio services, Hearing Tests, Hearing Aids and Lenire Tinnitus, get in touch today to make your appointment!

How do I choose the right Hearing Aid?

When you come to Ear Wax Clear for a hearing aid fitting or find the perfect hearing aid for you, whether it is digital hearing aids, lyric hearing aids or any other make and model, our team can help you choose the right one. There is an extensive range to choose from; our job is to find one that suits your exact hearing requirements.

Once you have had hearing assessments, the data collected will help us determine which hearing aid will work best for you, your hearing loss, and your lifestyle. Our experience in hearing aids has shown us that it can take, on average, three months for you to feel comfortable wearing hearing aids; after all, they aren’t natural.

It might come as a shock to you, but you can start to register new sounds that you haven’t heard for a little while; this depends on when you started to lose your hearing, as well as hearing completely new noises; we will offer you hearing therapy to help understand the new sounds you are hearing.

Why use an FM system for hearing loss?

Hearing aids can provide you with a wide range of benefits, especially when you have had a full hearing aid fitting service carried out; you will start hearing sounds that you haven’t heard for a while, as well as slow down the impact of hearing loss will have on your life.

Having a hearing aid can:

  • Give you the ability to hear everyday noises clearly, whether it is your phone or doorbell.
  • Allows you to understand speech easier
  • It gives you the confidence you might have lost back, being able to talk to others confidently and follow conversations easier.
  • It allows you to listen to a wide variety of music and enjoy much more precise sound.

We have to remind you that when you have been fitted with a hearing aid, this will only work should you have hearing left; if this is not the case, our hearing services team will work with you to establish the proper treatment.

For Audiology in Sheffield Contact Ear Wax Clear

When it comes to audiology in Sheffield or any of the surrounding areas in South Yorkshire, be sure to make Peter Byrom your first port of call. We have years of experience in the industry and offer a full range of dedicated audiology and hearing services for patients. No matter what your hearing requirements might be, from wax removal, hearing tests to hearing problems and tinnitus, be sure to make us your first choice. Contact us today to book an appointment in local Sheffield.

  • What Does Audiology Involve?

    Audiology is the process of identifying and assessing your hearing, including any disorders you have been diagnosed with and assessing your balance functions. The audiology solutions you can get from Ear Wax Clear cover all patient ages, regardless of whether you need therapeutic rehabilitation and management. If you find yourself experiencing hearing loss, ear pain, or any other issues with your ears, all you need to do is make an appointment with Ear Wax Clear today.

  • Do you provide Audiologist Services?

    Of course! Here at Ear Wax Clear, we are always on hand as qualified audiologists to provide you with a wide range of audiology services. Our clinic is open to both adults and children, working with you to determine the presence, nature and extent of any hearing loss you are experiencing.

  • Why Choose Ear Wax Clear for Audiology Solutions?

    Our accredited audiologist will work with you to provide you with a fully comprehensive hearing service; unlike an online hearing test, we will provide you with a range of different tests to undergo; this will help us get the most rounded understanding of your hearing. For more information and support, make sure to contact Peter Byrom today.

  • What happens at an audiology appointment?

    Your audiology appointment will be provided by a fully qualified audiologist and will include undergoing a few tests. The audiologist may examine your ear canal and look for any obstructions, such as earwax buildup, they will also assess and check for problems with your ear canal or eardrum, like infection or rupture.

  • How can an audiologist help me?

    Your audiology appointment will be provided by a fully qualified audiologist and will include undergoing a few tests. The audiologist may examine your ear canal and look for any obstructions, such as earwax buildup, they will also assess and check for problems with your ear canal or eardrum, like infection or rupture.

Ear Wax Clear is a leading ear and hearing clinic in Sheffield. Our highly respected audiologist and hearing aid dispenser Peter Byrom has successfully and safely cleared the ears of over 1,000 clients and has many years of experience.

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