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Endoscopic Suction in Sheffield

Here at Ear Wax Clear, we provide endoscopic suction treatment to our patients in Sheffield and across the surrounding areas. This procedure manoeuvres the outer ear cartilage to enable access to wax build-up otherwise difficult to reach. An endoscope is used to view the ear canal while the ear wax is being removed.

The treatment is designed to be highly effective and can resolve most common ear problems. We have carried out endoscopic suction for many patients and have become one of the leading choices in the area. If you’re in need of endoscopic suction in Sheffield or any of the nearby areas, then be sure to get in touch today.

Benefits of Endoscopic Suction

We have been offering endoscopic suction for many years and it has become an increasingly common procedure for us to carry out. Endoscopic suction treatment is available to our patients based in and around Sheffield.

At Ear Wax Clear, we always recommend endoscopic suction when it is a suitable option and some of the main benefits are:

  • We have a much wider and clearer view of the ear canal
  • On most occasions, we don’t need to use ear drops to help loosen the wax
  • The procedure is a dry treatment and doesn’t require water flushing
  • We can carry out the procedure on people suffering from issues such as perforated ear drums.

Why Choose Us For Endoscopic Suction?

Over the years we have carried out endoscopic suction for many patients based in and around the Sheffield area. We have had some great feedback and results from our previous patients. Some of the reasons you should choose us for endoscopic suction are:

  • Home visits are also available
  • We are well-known in the Sheffield area
  • Our ear treatments can help with a number of conditions
  • Initial assessments will be carried out before treatment is provided
  • Peter is fully qualified and has a Masters Qualification in Advanced Practice
  • We have a wealth of industry experience and knowledge
  • Our dedicated team will be on hand to assist throughout the treatment

For Endoscopic Suction in Sheffield Contact Ear Wax Clear

If you’re in need of endoscopic suction in Sheffield or any of the surrounding areas, be sure to contact Ear Wax Clear today. We provide first classic endoscopic suction and have become one of the leading private providers in the area. All treatments are carried out by professional audiologists to ensure the highest level of service is provided. We’ll work closely with you from start to finish to ensure the right treatment method is provided for your condition.

Having carried out endoscopic suction for many clients based across Sheffield, we have developed a well-known reputation for the service we provide. No matter what your ear treatment needs might be, Ear Wax Clear has you covered. If you’re in need of endoscopic suction and are based in or around Sheffield, then be sure to get in touch with us today. One of the Ear Wax Clear team is always on hand to assist.

For Audiology in Sheffield Contact Ear Wax Clear

When it comes to audiology in Sheffield or any of the surrounding areas in South Yorkshire, be sure to make Peter Byrom your first port of call. We have years of experience in the industry and offer a full range of dedicated audiology and hearing services for patients. No matter what your hearing requirements might be, from wax removal, hearing tests to hearing problems and tinnitus, be sure to make us your first choice. Contact us today to book an appointment in local Sheffield.

  • What is Endoscopic Microsuction?

    One of the newest forms of ear wax removal, endoscopic removal, involves a suction machine with a specialist endoscope attached so the practitioner can see inside the ear canal. Having this visual access makes the procedure easier and safer for the patient.

  • Is ear microsuction better than syringing?

    Yes! Microsuction is, without a doubt, safer than ear syringing; if you follow the advice and guidance of your practitioner, there will be a rare risk of damage to your ear canal, and this procedure has no contact with the ear drum.

  • How do you prepare for microsuction?

    Before coming to our clinic, we will give your ear drops about seven days before your appointment; these will help soften the wax, making it more susceptible to removal; putting the prep work in will help you in the long run.

  • Will microsuction remove all ear wax?

    One of the kindest ways to remove ear wax, microsuction, will remove nearly all of the ear wax you have if not all of it. It is the most effective option we offer here at Ear Wax Clear, and we will try and remove as much of the ear wax as possible during the treatment.

  • How do I make an appointment?

    Should you require the services of Ear Wax Clear and our Audiologist, all you need to do is give us a call today. You can contact our team via email or telephone if you have any questions or queries or would like to book a consultation or appointment regarding the FM system devices we provide.

Ear Wax Clear is a leading ear and hearing clinic in Sheffield. Our highly respected audiologist and hearing aid dispenser Peter Byrom has successfully and safely cleared the ears of over 1,000 clients and has many years of experience.

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